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2023 Economy Class Rules

This class must be STOCK!

No gutting of any kind (you can trim out your driver and passenger doors for roll bar clearance)

V6 or V8 cars are allowed

Throttle body or fuel
injected ONLY!

No carburetor stuff allowed (no turbo or super charge)

Motor and transmissions must be STOCK for that year, make and model (stock, flywheel and clutch)

Stock computers-NO AFTERMARKET

(If one car starts to dominate, the track may take your computer to have it tested)

Stock wheels and tires! All must be the same size! (14’s/15’s etc.)


(You may run 1 inch lug nuts-aluminum or steel wheels)

All glass must be removed, you must have screen or bars in place of windshield

You must remove ALL flammable items in the car, but the car must have a STOCK DASH

Roll cage minimum (you can have a rollover bar with kickers and either door bars on each side and or door plates, it must cover the whole door)

You may run a complete center section cage, there cannot be any bars through the front or wheel firewall.

You may build a loop bar in front of the radiator

Car must have factory fuel tank

No aftermarket homemade spoilers allowed (you may run rear spoiler if car came out of factor with it)

May run aftermarket radiator to keep engines cool

No aftermarket headers allowed, must be stock exhaust (you may cut off or gut the catalytic converter)

Suspension must be stock (no racing suspension)

This class is a cheaper division for the big track (bone stock is the keyword)  

Car off the street with some safety features and go.

The winner from the previous week will start in the tail the following race

If any car has more than one win in a row, the track can add weight, start in the rear or tear down if they think something isn’t right.

You may run aftermarket seats and seat belts  

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