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⚪️ Weight: 3200lbs with driver


•Engine Option 1

● GM 602 sealed crate engine

● Any altering of any bolts or suspicious seals will be disqualified until proven legal

● MUST run 500 CFM Holley 2-barrel and must have choke horn

● GASOLINE only! NO E85!

● Engine set back no further than No. 1 plug in line with ball joint.


•Engine Option 2

● Stock steel small block must not exceed: Chevy 362 cu in max,

Dodge 368 cu in. max, Ford 363 cu in max.

● Stock bore (+.060) and stroke and all block casting numbers must be visible

● Factory/ forged cast-iron or steel crankshaft. No knifing. 50 lb. minimum weight.

● No gear/belt timing components allowed

●Any hydraulic or solid cam with a maximum of .480” valve lift and stock style lifters

● Roller or mushroom lifters and ceramic lifters are not allowed

● All engines must pull 16 inches vacuum @ 1,000rpm

● Flat top pistons only with 3 ring grooves (no dome top pistons allowed)

● Stock length I beam rods are allowed

● H beams are not allowed

● Stock cast iron heads, OEM vortec allowed or vortec style

● Stock type stamped steel rocker arms

● NO roller rockers or roller tips allowed

● Screw in studs and guide plates are allowed

● ABSOLUTELY no porting or polishing allowed

● 2 valves per cylinder

● Max intake 1.94, max exhaust 1.50

● MUST run Holley 500 CFM carburetor and must have choke horn.

● Any cast iron or aluminum dual plane intake may be drilled for vortec heads

● Compression must not exceed 180lbs


● Engine set back no further than No. 1 plug in line with ball joint.



⚪️ Headers or stock manifolds allowed

⚪️ No cross over,180 or tri y style headers allowed.



⚪️ Hei style ignition.

⚪️ No msd box’s of any type.

⚪️ No external coil or external type distributors allowed.

⚪️ Msd hei style distributor allowed.

⚪️Rev limiter allowed



● Holley 4412  must be gauge legal

● Carburetor MUST HAVE Choke Horn

● Carburetor adapter or spacer cannot exceed 1”

● No removable air bleeds allowed, no tampering with “stock” air bleeds allowed



⚪️ Stock/OEM Manual or automatic with working torque converter.

⚪️ Minimum 10.5 inch clutch.

⚪️ Flywheel must be steel. No aluminum

⚪️ Automatic torque converter, 11” minimum

⚪️ No aftermarket transmissions. (Bert,brinn,falcon,jerico)



⚪️All suspension must remain in stock location.

⚪️Tube upper A-arms OK, Lower must be stock.

⚪️Aftermarket steel spring allowed, NO Fiberglass or composite leaf springs. No progression coil springs.

⚪️Aftermarket shock allowed, steel only. No rebuildable shocks. Spacing of shock allowed.

⚪️ Front cups allowed nonadjustable.

⚪️ No bump stop, bump springs or Spring rubbers allowed.

⚪️Stock rear ends may be locked. 9” Ford rear ends allowed, Floater rear ends allowed.

⚪️Drive shafts steel only – painted white with strap.

⚪️ 4-wheel brakes must work! Right from shut off allowed.

⚪️Rear disc brakes ok, rotors and hats must be steel. Stock cast calipers

⚪️Aftermarket pedals will be allowed. No brake adjuster in reach of driver from seat

⚪️Lowering blocks allowed Nonadjustable ONLY. No adjustable bars. No weight jacks.

⚪️ Absolutely no rear spring buckets. Spring pocket must be flush with frame.

⚪️No traction control devices.

⚪️Front and rear suspension must remain stock, in stock location, it can be reinforced for strength. Stock ball joints for car being run, no longer or shorter, zero tolerance, no shimming on top or bottom of ball joints.

⚪️Tubular upper control arms are allowed, but only 8” & 8 ½”

⚪️Rubber bushings front & rear suspension



⚪️ Any 1960 or newer American made sedan with a stock frame.

⚪️Wheelbase 101 inches minimum. No shortening or lengthening from stock wheelbase

⚪️Fire wall & Floor pan may be stock or fabricate with same thickness steel.  must extend past driver’s seat to front of the rear end yoke. Floor pan Must extend from driver’s stock frame rail to passenger frame rail. Both sides of floor pan must be at same level.

⚪️Frame connectors for unibody cars allowed.

⚪️ No spoilers allowed

⚪️Stock appearing production body for the make of car. Body can be built out of aluminum or steel an must be stock appearing within reason

⚪️Stock appearing roof and roof must be within 2 1⁄2” from front to back or side to side.

NO FLAT ROOFS ALLOWED. You can run a stock fiberglass replacement, example: part number 910-54177

⚪️Front and rear bumpers in stock location, may be tubular with tow hook.

⚪️Plastic nose is permitted. No wedge nose.

⚪️Fiberglass hoods allowed.

⚪️May enclose cockpit, must have inspection hole.

⚪️Tail of car must be enclosed



⚪️8-inch wheels MAX!!

⚪️ D.O.T tires allowed. 275/60/15 MAX!!!

⚪️Hoosier H500’s allowed.

⚪️Grooving and siping allowed.

⚪️ No chemical altering

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